Colors in writing

Today I would like to talk about the importance of colors when writing a fairytale or a children’s book in general. When one thinks of colors, what comes in mind is the colors as we perceive them with our physical eyes. Of course physical colors are important to illustrators but very rarely we realize how important they are to writers. As an illustrator uses physical colors to paint a picture, so a writer will have maximum results when he is capable of using the colors that the  soul can absorb and feel.

It may seem strange to have someone speak of colors beyond those that we perceive with our eyes but it’s of great importance for the writer as well as the reader to realize what it means to use colors and even hues in a story. It’s sad really that so many writers become so involved in the plot that is the skeleton of the story or in the message that is its heart and they completely miss the value that a written work must bring to our inner vision which is actually the soul of the story itself.  If you download my books, you’ll probably notice that “The crystal knight” has a color closer to “The dewdrop child” that it has when compared with “Blabbermouth’s beard” or “Longarm’s bridge”. In the same way we can observe  that a humorous story has a brighter color than a horror story. A funny story is more yellow or orange than a horror story that could be dark red or black or a dreamy story that is purple or blue.

I will have more to say on the subject in a few days. Please don’t hesitate to ask about anything that seems unclear or leave a comment!

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