Why I started this site.

The reason I started this site is above all else my wanting to communicate in a very straightforward, clear way the concepts and the reasons that exist behind my art and push me to get better and perfect myself in what I do. I wish to illuminate the secret of creating magical stories that evolve around  the unexpected and the wonderful, but also stories  entertaining the reader and helping him improve himself in the most profound way.

The first secret that I’d like to impart is that I never concentrate on the message of the story but  build the plot  based on images centered on beauty and beauty alone instead. If you concentrate on the message you’ll end up resembling a teacher that everybody listens to but nobody really likes. If you center your stories around images and pictures that you have in your mind serving an aesthetic purpose, the result will be more rewarding by far and well worth the effort you ‘ve put into it.

That’s my first and most basic post but others will follow. So keep reading!

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